Nouvelles vidéos

Une nouvelle interview de Simone Simons est sortie aujourd’hui. Il s’agit d’un entretien avec « La Grosse Radio ». Elle est sous titrée en français.

A new interview with Simone Simons was released today. This is an interview with « La Grosse Radio ». It is subtitled in French.

Nuclear Blast a sorti une vidéo montrant une personne feuilletant le nouveau Earbook de l’album. On peut y voir de magnifiques photos. Qu’est ce que vous en pensez?

Nuclear Blast released a video showing a person flipping Earbook the new album. You can see beautiful pictures. What do you think?

Source => La Grosse Télé Chaine You Tube et Nuclear Blast


Simone Simons Interview France/Pays Bas

Lors de leur passage en France, Simone et Mark ont accordé une interview à Skandasia. Ils nous ont fait l’honneur de dire quelques mots en français, tout en parlant du nouvel album.

During their visit in France, Simone and Mark gave an interview to Skandasia. They honored us say a few words in French, while speaking of the new album.

Après la France, ils sont allées aux Pays Bas où Simone a donné une interview à Face Culture.

After France, they went to the Netherlands where Simone gave an interview to « Face Culture ».

Source  => Skandasia Chaine You Tube et Face Culture


Epica répète pour l’Epic Metal Fest

Epica est en ce moment en train de répéter pour l’Epic Metal Fest. Simone poste sur Instagram des photos et vidéos, montrant leur répétition. Elle a d’ailleurs fait une courte vidéo; qu’elle a posté sur les pages Facebook et Twitter du groupe.

Je vous mets le lien ci après:

Epica is currently rehearsing for the Epic Metal Fest. Simone post on Instagram photos and videos showing their repetition. She also made a short video; she posted on Facebook and Twitter pages of EPICA

I put the link below:

Source=> EPICA Facebook

Metal Hammer Team Rock

Simone et Mark ont donné, à Team Rock, le sens des paroles des chansons du nouvel album. Cela nous permet de mieux comprendre et d’analyser l’album qui est encore très lourd de sens.

Une traduction en français verra le jour prochainement. Soyez patients.En attendant, voici l’original en anglais.


Epica will be releasing their seventh album The Holographic Principlevia Nuclear Blast on September 30 and it’s the symphonic metal six-piece’s most ambitious creation to date. Nearly all 12 of its songs are based around the idea that everything in the universe could be a computer-generated hologram. “It’s a serious theory,” says founding guitarist Mark Jansen. “Scientists have come up with this hypothesis that we could be living in a video hologram…”

Mark and lead vocalist Simone Simons lead us through the album’s mind-melting theme, track by track.



Simone: “The title comes from the ancient Greek for phantom or image, and it’s where the word ‘idol’ comes from.”

Mark: “The idea is that after death, it’s all that remains of the body. After I had written the music for Eidola, I felt there was something missing so our keyboard player Coen [Janssen] rebuilt it with many new parts and it became massive. He added an orchestra which gives a cinematic feel and we have all these metal riffs going on. It’s like a wild roller coaster ride.”

Edge Of The Blade

Simone: “The music for this one was written by our guitarist Isaac Delahaye, but the lyrics are mine. I’m singing about self-acceptance and about not concentrating too much on the unimportant things in life. You have to nurture your soul and not focus on being perfect because who defines perfection anyway? A lot of people are obsessed with looks these days but if someone has a good heart, that will always come through. Edge of the blade is another way of saying ‘the tip of the iceberg’; it’s very dangerous to get too wrapped up in unimportant things.”

A Phantasmic Parade

Simone: “I’m a bit of a movie freak and there were two main movies that inspired our concept: The Matrix and Inception. This song is basically about The Matrix and the idea of manipulating your dreams to create new realities.”

Mark: “The music is written by our drummer Ariën van Weesenbeek. He’s not a guitarist so he writes from an alternative perspective and it brings something different to the table, although he sometimes comes up with guitar parts that are impossible to play!”

Universal Death Squad

Mark: “The lyrics are about robots who decide they want to kill; that is, artificial intelligence that’s programmed to fight in wars without anyone having to push a button. There have been many science fiction movies about robots who can think for themselves, but now it’s really happening. If you can put emotions into robots and create sentient artificial intelligence, what’s the difference between a robot and a human? And what if we’re all robots but just don’t know it? Anything is possible!”

Divide And Conquer

Mark: “This one isn’t actually part of the concept, but musically, it turned out to be one of the stronger songs so it would have been very hard to leave it out. It deals with what’s really going on in the Middle East. The media only give us one side of the story, but when you dig deeper, you find layers of truth about natural resources, like oil, that are influencing the region. The media report on how the new political regime has brought democracy to the region but maybe the inhabitants were better off before. What the West are really delivering is mainly destruction. They’re making people fight each other and when the West conquers, the big companies come in and make money.”

Beyond The Matrix

Mark: “Despite the title, this isn’t about the movie! It’s basically about being able to see that you’re in a matrix, to see that you’re in a cage. It’s hard to be able to see beyond your immediate surroundings when you’re trapped so you have to project yourself outside the matrix to understand. Musically, the song has quite a simple structure and the catchiest chorus, but the middle is completely wild. That’s what I really like about it.”

Simone: “I think this will be one of the sing-a-long songs when we play it live.

Once Upon A Nightmare

Simone: “This isn’t a typical ballad; it’s melancholic and has more of a themed vocal going through it than a chorus. I’m a big fan of classic fairy tales and the lyrics were inspired by a dark German tale about the Alder King, or Erlking, who steals children’s souls. A lot of times, parents don’t take their children seriously, especially when it comes to seeing monsters in the closet so it’s a dark twist on fairy tales. It’s symbolic of being stuck in a life without a happy ending and how our innocence is taken away from us as soon as we’re born. ”

The Cosmic Algorithm

Mark: “These are the lyrics I’m most proud of and they’re about the man beneath the hologram. Machines operate in numbers and code, and you can find similar algorithms in nature, so literally the whole universe as we know it is built on mathematical calculations. When you start seeing the algorithms beneath everything, you start to question: why are we here? What does it all mean? And these questions come up in the lyrics. People have always searched for the meaning of life, but the answers are always the same: love, family, friends and helping each other.”

Ascension – Dream State Armageddon

Mark: “The lyrics deal with waking up and realising that everything is a hologram, but there is a danger that if you truly did find the key to unlock the mystery of the universe, everything would implode. The message is that we shouldn’t know everything. It’s like a computer game, once you know how to finish it, it’s over and it doesn’t make sense to carry on because you know how to win.”


Dancing In A Hurricane

Simone: “This song breaks away from the concept as well. The title comes from a line in Spectre [the James Bond film] and the lyrics were inspired by the current refugee crisis around the world. It’s the idea of children trying to enjoy their childhood in an unsafe environment; they’re literally dancing in a hurricane and I find it very sad. As a mother, I’m concerned about the well-being of children around the world. Here, our children are fed and they have a roof over their heads and I think we maybe take it for granted.”

Tear Down Your Walls

Mark: “This one isn’t really about the concept either. It’s the heaviest song on the album with some brutal parts and I think it’ll be another good one to play live. Everybody has walls around them but if you never break them down, you’ll never make progress or grow.

“It starts with the sound of crows and they’re really important to the lyrics as well. In Shamanism, they’re the keepers of the sacred law and nothing escapes their sight. When we meditate on the crow, we are instilled with the wisdom to know ourselves beyond the limitations of one-dimensional thinking and laws. We’re taught to appreciate the many dimensions of both reality and ourselves, and to learn to trust our intuition and personal integrity.”

The Holographic Principle – A Profound Understanding Of Reality

Mark: “Someone accused us of being a bit pretentious with this title but it’s really just a summary of the concept! If our theory of the holographic principle is true, it would be scary but it would also be exciting because it would change the whole world. Since I’ve been working on this album, it’s challenged my own perceptions and I’ve started to believe in it too.”


N’oubliez pas que l’album sort le 30 Septembre sous Nuclear Blast


Source => Team Rock via Epica Facebook

Epica « Nordic and Russian Principle Tour 2017 »

Epica l’a annoncé cette après midi. Ils seront dans les Pays Nordiques et en Russie en  2017. Après une tournée européenne, disons le, assez discutable sur le plan des dates et des privilégiés. Avouons le, les Allemands sont privilégiés sur cette tournée et les pauvres français n’ont qu’une date et ils n’ont même pas le droit à un Meet and Greet. Enfin passons.

A la fin février, Epica se rendra en Russie. A Moscou, le 24 Février, à Ekaterinburg le 25 Février et à Saint Saint-Pétersbourg, le 26.

Ensuite début mars, viendra le tournée nordique. Ils passeront à Helsinki (FIN), le 28 Février. A Stockholm (SWE), le Premier Mars, à Copenhague (DEN) le 3 Mars. Ensuite, ils se rendront à Oslo (NOR), le 4 Mars et enfin à Malmö (SWE), le 5 Mars.

Ils auront le droit à un ticket VIP comprenant:

  • Un Meet and Greet
  • Une photo avec le Groupe
  • Un Tee Shirt exclusif
  • Une carte signée par le groupe
  • Un Single d’une chanson inédite
  • Un Drapeau
  • Un Sac exclusif

On peut dire qu’ils sont bien gâtés, contrairement à certains. Vous en pensez quoi, vous?

Les Billets seront en vente, ce jeudi à 10h00


Epica announced this afternoon. They will be in the Nordic countries and Russia in 2017. After a European tour, say, quite questionable in terms of dates and privileged. Let’s face it, the Germans are privileged on this tour and the French poor have a date and they do not even have the right to a Meet and Greet. Finally spend.

In late February, Epica will visit Russia. In Moscow, February 24, February 25 in Ekaterinburg and St. St. Petersburg on 26.

Then in early March, will come the Northern Tour. They will go to Helsinki (FIN), February 28. In Stockholm (SWE), the March First in Copenhagen (DEN) 3 March. Then they will travel to Oslo (NOR), March 4 and finally to Malmö (SWE), March 5.

They will be entitled to a VIP ticket includes:

  • Meet + Greet with EPICA
  • Picture with the whole band
  • Exclusive Shirt
  • Laminate + Lanyard
  • Separate Signing Cards of all band 6 band members
  • Exclusive CD Single of a unreleased song
  • Exclusive Flag
  • Exclusive Tote Bag

Tickets and VIP upgrades go on sale this Thursday at 10:00 CET.

Source => EPICA Website

Simone Simons: Metal Hammer Awards 2016

Bonjour tout le monde, on va parler aujourd’hui des « Metal Hammer Awards 2016 ». Il s’agit d’une cérémonie récompensant les groupes de metal. Il y a plusieurs catégories comme « Meilleur Groupe International », « Meilleur Live » ou encore « Meilleur Album ». Hélas, si je vous en parle, ce n’est pas pour parler d’Epica. Bizarrement, Epica et Simone ont toujours été boudés par ces Awards. Allez savoir pourquoi.

Enfin, si on vous en parle, c’est parce que Simone Simons y était présenté, ainsi qu’Isaac Delahaye. Simone a remis un prix à Lacuna Coil qui a obtenu le prix du « Meilleur Groupe International »

Des photos de Simone ont été mis sur Instagram.


Pour ceux que cela intéresse, voici la liste des gagnants:

Meilleur groupe allemand Kreator

Meilleur groupe international: Lacuna Coil

Meilleur Live Band: Steel Panther


Meilleur Debut: Abbath (Abbath)

Métal Anthem: ‘As One We Shall Conquer’ (Dark Funeral)

Légende: Lemmy

God Of Riffs: Phil Campbell (Motörhead)

Maximum Metal: Udo Dirk Schneider

Up & Coming: Avatarium


Hello everyone, today we will talk about « Metal Hammer Awards 2016 ». This is a ceremony rewarding the metal bands. There are several categories such as « Best International Group », « Best Live » or « Best Album ». Alas, if I speak to you, not to speak of Epica. Oddly, Epica and Simone have always been shunned by these Awards. Go figure.

Finally, if we talk about you, it is because there was Simone Simons presented with Isaac Delahaye. Simone presented an award to Lacuna Coil who won the award for « Best International Group »

Simone pictures were put on Instagram.

Source => Simone Simons Instagram, Compte Instagram et Metal Hammer Awards

Simone Simons France Forum

Bonjour à tous, j’espère que vous allez bien? Un petit article pour vous parler de notre forum Simone Simons France  .

Il s’agit d’un forum sur notre chère Simone Simons. Un forum ouvert à tous les fans du monde entier. Il est certes écrit, mais étant française moi même, j’ai plus simple d’écrire dans ma langue maternelle. Cependant, nous acceptons tout le monde: français, anglais, espagnol, brésilien, allemand, russe, portugais. On ne fait aucune distinction, on est ouvert à tout le monde. Sur le forum, des news, des photos, des vidéos et des débats epicans.

Si vous voulez partager votre passion pour Epica, il vous suffit de vous inscrire et de vous présenter. Nous voulons que notre website et notre forum soient connus de tous. Devenir une grande communauté de fan autour de notre passion pour Epica. Nous sommes tous des Epicans et des Smoonfans, nous sommes tous unis. Venez partager avec nous.


Hello everyone, I hope you are well? A small article to tell you about our Simone Simons France

This is a forum about our dear Simone Simons. A forum open to all fans worldwide. Although it is written, but being French myself, I have more simple to write in my mother tongue. However, we accept everyone: French, English, Spanish, Brazilian, German, Russian, Portuguese. It does not discriminate, it is open to everyone. Forum, news, photos, videos and epicans debates.

If you want to share your passion for Epica, simply sign up and introduce yourself. We want our website and our forums are known to all. Become a fan of a great community around our passion for Epica. We are all Epicans and Smoonfans, we are all united. Come share with us.


Epica Interview Music Waves

Simone et Mark, lors de leur venue à Paris ont accordés une interview à Music Waves. Ils nous parle beaucoup de l’album; du processus de production. De la façon dont ils font leur musique et l’implication de chacun des membres dans la conception de l’album.

L’interview se trouve ICI

L’interview ne m’appartenant pas, je ne le poste pas, ne sachant pas si j’ai le droit. Je vous mets par contre les photos prises par Philippe Bareille pour Music Waves. Ainsi qu’une courte vidéo.


Simone and Mark, when they came to Paris were granted an interview with Music Waves. They hear a lot of the album; the production process. How they make their music and the involvement of individual members in the design of the album.

The interview can be found HERE
The interview does not belong to me, I do not position, not knowing if I have the right. I put in against photos taken by Philippe Bareille for Music Waves. And a short video.



Crédit photo: Philippe Bareille

Source => Music Waves.FR


Tracks Magazine Septembre 2016 (Suisse)

Tracks, un magazine gratuit suisse, a mis Simone sur sa couverture.Nous avons le droit à un article sur Epica. Simone, Mark et Isaac y parle de « The Holographic Principle« . Vous pouvez télécharger le magazine ICI . Par contre, ne parlant pas l’allemand, je ne peux vous dire en détail ce qui est écrit. Cependant, je vous mets les scans. Nous avons même le droit à deux nouvelles photos de Simone et du groupe, signées par Tim Tronckoe.


Tracks, a free Swiss magazine, put on his couverture.Nous Simone have the right to an article on Epica. Simone, Mark and Isaac speaks of « The Holographic Principle ». You can download the magazine HERE. By cons, do not speak German, I can not tell you in detail what is written. However, I put the scans. We even have the right to two new photos of Simone and the group, signed by Tim Tronckoe.




Crédit photo: Tim Tronckoe

Source => Tracks Magazin

Epic Metal Fest After Party

Epica nous fait l’honneur d’une after party, après leur festival « Epic Metal Fest« . Elle se déroulera à l’Extase, à Tilburg. Il s’agit d’une petite salle de spectacle. Un groupe du nom de « Agent Fresco » y jouera à Minuit. Je ne sais pas si on aura la chance de croiser le groupe, mas c’est tentant.

Qui va à l’Epic Metal Fest?

Message d’Epica:

We are happy to announce that Agent Fresco will join us for the official EPIC METAL FEST Netherlands afterparty! The afterparty will take place at the Extase Tilburg. The band will be on at midnight.


Source => Epica Facebook